Rift Tech Radio – Diorama Competition

Hi All

I thought I should put a quick blog post up with the entries for our Diorama competition which is running courtesy of Boss Minis and Warlord Games.

As you can see from the pictures below, the entries ranged widely in scale from small individual pin counters to larger bases with multiple models upon them.


Our first submission came from a gentleman called John, he created a fantastic scene of a Mammoth surrounded by Russian troops advancing through a ruined city. The Mammoth is subtly converted and there’s lots of lovely touches around the piece, from the graffiti on the walls to the flag buried in the rubble by the wall.

Jon Harrington

Our second submission was from Jon Harrington. This is a wonderful scene of some Japanese ghosts infiltrating a garden or field. The paint work on this is really good and the story it tells is fantastic. We would’ve loved more angles of this scene to show off the subtle conversion of the ghost suit emerging from the wooden shack

*edit* Jon has sent us extra pictures so I have added them in (Simon)*edit*

Keith Stockburn

Keith sent us a bunch of wonderful images. From his cracking pin marker of a British Mechanic frustrated with rift tech to sneaking flamethrower teams and anti-tank guns in make shift bunkers, all of his pieces are painted to a very high standard and highlight that it doesn’t have to be a massive multi-model display to tell a story.

Szymon Znosko

I was stunned when I saw this diorama. There are so many lovely touches and who doesn’t want to see more Spinne’s in action? Again the scene tells a wonderful story of a German ambush of American troops in a pass. There’s lots of “in action” detail. We particularly liked the flamethrower effect.

The AWI Review

The AWI review sent us a number of pictures of an excellent Italian truck on scenic base. They also shared an excellent image of Sherman-T in a scene resplendent of an allied push through an Italian town. If you put this in black and white it would look like it came right out of a newspaper in 1947! Lovely attention to detail and loads of bits added to both scenes.

Finally, we’d like to thank all of the entrants, Warlord Games and Boss Miniatures for offering the excellent prize for this competition (A Japanese K47 Starter Army). It’s a great prize and I’m sure you’ll agree that the standard of entries is very high.

6 thoughts on “Rift Tech Radio – Diorama Competition

  1. I’m glad I gave an excuse about being unable to enter (my dog ate it). These surpass my abilities and I don’t envy you trying to pic (ehem).


  2. That Russian Diorama by John is beautiful! In an extremely high quality field I think – for me – it just eeks ahead by the most nubbin of nubs


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