The Turing Test – How to Pin an Automaton

So in general reaction to Turing’s Tinboys has been two things:

1. Nice Idea!

2. Why the hell did you choose to build so many of those Automaton figures?

While I welcome both reactions, the second has become more relevant as time has gone on. For my first 5 “Challenging” models, I had decided to not pin.

In fact used the excellent methods shown in the youtube video here

And this worked, the figures are sorted and painted.

Now, while I’d like to think my problems are over, I know somthing you guys don’t. I am horrendously clumsy. I mean cartoonishly so and in picking the automatons I was already worried that I’d be, well, me!

As you may have heard on Rift Tech Radio, pinning was suggested and I think I have a good method now so wanted to share a step by step to help my fellow commanders with the #riseoftherobots.

1. Prep

Clean and remove and mould lines and flash from the figures – the angles make this hard later.

2. Filing

To make the next step easier, you want to file some of the ball and socket joints to flat edges for drilling. Specifically the hip joints and the wrist joints.

2. Drilling!

Using a small drill bit of your choice drill into the filed places that were balls and the middle of sockets on the wrists and legs. A trick with the legs is lie them flat on the table – when you drill though the middle the wire will just looks like another bolt.

3. Sticking – legs!

Start by gluing one leg to the base:

Then leave to dry. I mean really leave it, not just a little bit, let it be nice and solid.

Seriously, read a book or somthing!

4. Torso and other leg

Using your pre drilled and pinned torso and leg, when you are utterly sure all is good, attach the remaining leg and torso.

The wait again, for as long as you think and another 5 mins after that. The last thing you want to do is rush this step, there will be much swearing if you do (trust me)

5. Trim down pins

As mentioned above if you trim down the pins with clippers they just look like rivets!

6. Arms

Go back to the arms from earlier and put pins in.

7. Drill the hands

Drill the centre of the hands to give the other half for the pin. Again put gun on a flat surface and find the middle of the indent.

8. Glue the right hand on

This will let you get set for the master stage.

Make sure the pin is as deep as possible, and leave it to dry, again for longer than you think it needs.

9. Dry fit both arms

Only once this is completely dry, dry fit both arms and the shoulders at once and trim the pin on the right arm ready for everything at once!

You are aiming for a triangle for when you glue it

10. Glue both shoulders and the right wrist at once.

Dont use too much glue or you will pull it apart deteching your fingers!

Then let it dry

11. Seriously, trying to do next stage before now is asking for tears

12. Add the head!

And you are done!

Hope this helps everyone.

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