Who am I? What year is this? Who is the President?

Shiba yoma – Germans

Well I suppose you want to know my name I’m James 31 year old nerd who will play anything and everything as long as it’s fun, Big fan of Warlords Antaries game but Konflickt 47 has grabbed me in a big way so this blog is to track my army and games against the reprobates below. Peace out 🤘

IsquishPeople – Soviets

I’m Simon, 43 yr old geek who tends to get pulled along into whatever the other two contributors to our blog play.   Currently we’re enjoying many of the Warlord Games systems.   Caution, this blog may contain high levels of sodium.

Bloodshinesgold – USA

I’m Shipman (I have a first name, mainly used by my mother and wife when I’m in trouble) a 32-year-old geek. I’ve played games since Dragon Quest (google it younglings) and recently have fell into playing warlord games with the guys. Notorious ADD gamer, intermittent painter and owner of an ass that just won’t quit.

UltramarineStefanicus – Armies of Great Britain

Hi, my name is Stefan and I am a 10 year old “mini” geek who gets dragged into anything that I class as “cool”.

When I found out about warlord games I started to love the British bolt action and the Gatesof Antares concord and later started to adore konflict 47.

Warlord games have published this fantastic game with Osprey and you can buy it here – http://www.warlordgames.com

The authors are the superb Clockwork Goblin  – http://www.clockworkgoblinminis.co.uk

To get in touch with us please use the  email below! konfliktingopinions@gmail.com