Avanti Bersaglieri! – Italian Locust “La Triglia” – Review and Magnetising Guide

So, here’s the one a lot of people have been waiting for – The Locust. I know it has a name in german, but I struggle in english, let alone with words that sounds like someone clearing their nose.

Ever since Aitch previewed the kit on his painting table the anticipation has been building. This was increased when it was revealed to be available both to the new Italian list and in a modified version to the Japanese.

One of the great things about the kit and the rules is the versatility – the Locust can have an anti-tank gun or mini neblewether on the carapace and also autocannons or mmgs on the front. This versatility is a real strength and I was thinking what weapons to go with and thought:

I mean, magnetise!

So, my main recommendation is get a Si!

As the resident mad scientist and power tool user of our group, Si is very useful for this kind of thing. I asked for his advice, he sighed and said bring it over. Never one to look a gift in the mouth I leapt into the car.

So, the mechanics.

A word of magnets, before we begin

Poles are important. Ensuring they are the right way round is important.

Check, check and check again before gluing just to ensure you’ve not spent a lot of tine making it your Locust rejects its weaponry.

Si’s method is to stick your stack on a spare weapon arm to be sure

I’ve seen a high volume of sad posts on facebook hobby groups asking how to drill magnets out due to this – don’t be one of those unfortunates!

Top weapon

Your options here are the mini neb or the AT gun. Both of them slot over the top vent and then have a wedge that fits snugly into the back plates.

Si decided that the best place for a magnet was the top vent – this isn’t designed to have the model picked up by the weapon, more just hold it in place:

The corresponding magnet is in the inside of the weapon:

These were added by doing a 1mm guide hole, then breaking out the power tools!

Belly Guns

Again, the kit here has really been well thought out – there are clear left and right guns for both options so the main issue is lining it up

Si put the magnets in the body first:

And then checked and lined up the magnets in the guns

So now I have a fully flexible and changable Locust!

Feedback is always welcome and I hope you find this guide useful!

3 thoughts on “Avanti Bersaglieri! – Italian Locust “La Triglia” – Review and Magnetising Guide

  1. Hey Paul or Si, for the belly guns, why did you top mount the magnets as opposed to putting the magnets on the rear of the unit. Also what size magnets are you using there. Trying to decide if my 1/16th by 1/8th discs will do the job.


    1. Hi Keith
      I used 3x2mm N42 Magnets. I went for mounting into the body and the top of the gun due to the size of the magnet that I was using and the amount of depth I had to drill into. It also gave me a better chance of matching magnet to magnet without spending 30 minutes measuring and marking out.

      I was worried if we mounted any further from the centre of the weapons we’d get droopy gun syndrome! Those white metal weapons are fairly dense and I wasn’t confident even the 3×2 magnets would hold them in place if placed too far from the centre


  2. I’ll be honest – top mounted was biggest surface for drilling. Also rear mounting would leave them attached only therr and they are quite long, especially the autocannons.

    I think the ones si used are 2mm ish


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