Rift Tech Radio. Episode 17, Errata and Dusting off cobwebs

To copy a favourite meme of mine.


Episode 17 is out, in which we discuss what we’ve been doing, what we’ve been painting and perhaps more importantly, the new FAQ from Clockwork Goblin.   We were supposed to mention mugs, but I forgot.   Sorry!


For those who like to skip to the spoilers:

00:00 to 01:42 – Introduction in which we hear Paul being dramatic and everyone else sounding like we normally sound

01:43 to 13:47 – Hobby in which which we each give excuses why we’ve done no podcasting/blogging/hobby for the last 12 months

13:48 to 49:00 – The Errata discussion, where we pick out what we liked from the Errata and I try to sound like I still know what’s in my Soviet army to paint list

49:01 to 59:20 – We spill the beans on some top secret huette13 intel that we got last time we were in there for training on  “what non disclosure agreements mean”

The podcast will be available via iTunes, pod bean or to listen here

5 thoughts on “Rift Tech Radio. Episode 17, Errata and Dusting off cobwebs

  1. Hey,
    I’m ~relatively new to the hobby. After several years of flirting with it I’m setting up my first army. I decided on K47, but I don’t have any immediate friend circle to talk to about it, and with all that’s going on right now, even the game shops that are open don’t have a lot of foot traffic or any events scheduled for me to find people.
    Are there any good K47 communities online for me to get involved in, perhaps find people in my area to play with? I’d like to do things like getting feedback on my army list, see what’s meta, what kind of stuff is acceptable/not (specifically I picked up a US T29 tank, so I had to make rules for it using that bolt action vehicle design system)
    I really love the tabletop wargaming space and I’m very excited to get stuck in with this community.


    1. Hi Jacob
      I think Facebook is your best bet. There’s a Konflikt 47 official group which the Clockwork Goblin designers and rules writers sit in (they’re the people who came up with and developed this game) and there’s a players group which is a little more free form and a wierd war 2 group which is just for lovers of the wierd war genre.

      I hope you find people to play and enjoy the game, we love it 🙂


  2. Nice to see you back. Coincidentally I just published an updated version of my Novella Seaforth’s Ladies. It’s currently available on Amazon.

    Is this something that you would be interested in talking more about?


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