Avanti Bersaglieri! Minatures Review – Dogtag Minatures Italian Bikers

So this one is a bit unusual!

I’ve written about my decision to start the Bersaglieri in an earlier article.

The Flames of War army I refer to had one unit that was my nemisis – bikers.

Let me be clear, the end models were nice, the results were good. They took longer to build than paint.

They were 6 piece models. 6 pieces for a 15mm vehicle. One of which was handlebars.

My hatred for them has become the stuff of legend. It was summed up by the conversation with the friend who was paying me to paint them:

“I’ve got another blister of the bikes to do the other half of the platoon.” To which I responded “That’s lovely for you, who’s doing them as I’m not!”

To add insult to injury they re-released them about a year after in a much simplified design as a repsonse to customer feedback. That feedback I can only assume was my bestial screams of frustration from the other side of the world.

So when I started the Figli Preferi I was determined my past would not haunt my modelling future, I would be bold! And when Dogtag did thier kickstarter and I saw that Bersaglieri could take motorbikes I siezed my chance!

I bought the 5 man squad and an additional bike are sidecar, as this gave me a good sized unit for an armoured platoon – bikers do not need seperate transport!

The sculpts themselves are lovely and crisp with minimal clean up. If you are slightly clumsy like me you can leave the central post under the bike for extra stability.

This is the contents of the motorbike and sidecar set:

Once undercoated these came up very well – the rider figures very much fit the scale and aesthetic of the warlord ones.

Overall, I’d recommend these – you can order from Dog Tag minatures (simply serach for them on facebook. They are also running thier next kickstarter if you’d like a Hungarian force!

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