USA Army – Apex Predators – M5A5/6 Jackal Light Walker

So, the fun toy we’ve all been waiting for is finally here.

The Jackal has 2 variants, the base one, with just machine gun is the M5A5. I honestly see no reason not to upgrade to the M5A6 – which adds an infantry flamethrower. Yes, a flamethrower, on a jump walker.

But before we get to that, lets look at the model. Again this is a variant on the coyote/guardian kit, with a few significant differences.

The body is two part – front and back. The arms are differrent poses and have one of the ‘fingers’ posable on the hand. The legs are standard but have extra jets you glue on to make the walkers profile noticably differrent.

Overall a very nice kit, with lots of poseability.

The Jackal in the game

As I said above, in this article I’m going to look at the flamethrower armed variant. If you are after a machine gun one, buy a Coyote, its cheaper and usually equally effective in this role.

As for experience, I’d go for veteran for the simple reason: people will hate it and they will try and pin, kill or burn it anyway they can. The extra morale and also ability to ignore pins from weapons that can’t pen will be crucial on getting to the right place at the best time.

Good Points

  • Scary as all hell – in essence this is a mobile, agile flamer that cannot be stopped by terrain. Just think about that a moment. Your opponent is going to have one eye on it at all times and will dedicate resources vastly disproportionate to its threat to kill it. It’s worth its points for psychological warfare alone!
  • Agile – nice and mobile when you want to throw it forwards, especially with the jump jets, but bear in mind it is a run move. Ideally use it when you have last dice in the bag and a fair chance at first dice next turn for the bounce and bbq combo.
  • Assault and fists – paint it green and hulk out! With two fists and the assault rule, serious damage can be done. With its loadout and these rules its seriously scary at short range.


  • Only a light walker – the armour is relatively light and if you are caught out of position one anti tank rifle can claim a prize.
  • One man walker – the Jackal can only fire one weapon per turn, this caps the ranged offensive output, you want to focus on manoeuvring into flamethrower range.
  • Short ranged – the Jackal is most effective from short range so the main thing is to think of the next move. You may feel good immolating a weapons team, but if it leaves you exposed or out of the fight, it might not be the best move.

Overall role

I’ve used every walker the USA has available. This is the fun one I’ve been waiting for.

It has multiple uses, close assault (ideally) massive distraction to your opponent, table control through a 24″ move and fire range for the flamethrower. Most of all be brave and have fun with it.

My plan is one along with a mudskipper in the USA Airborne arm I’m working on, I’ll try it and report back!

If you want to add the Jackal to your forces, talk to Scott at who can sort you out with a discount, tell him Shipman sent you!

If anyone has any suggestions for how they’ve found the walker, feel free to share below!

HQ out

4 thoughts on “USA Army – Apex Predators – M5A5/6 Jackal Light Walker

  1. Well…now my guardian seems wholly inadequate. I actually have plans for a massive BBQing force that is backed up by artillery and aircraft. It’s probably a silly list but if it works it will be glorious! Thanks again, and keep on writing!


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