Getting Started in Konflikt ’47 – USA Part 2 – Tell Me No Lies, G.I.!

So, in part 1 we covered the starter set and a good solid 750 point starter army. This article explores how to build from there to 1000 points.

I’m going to divide this into 2 areas – additions and replacements, with additions being units within the single normal reinforced platoon structure and replacements being ones that replace something you already have from the starter.

Additions – Normal

  • Guns, lots of guns! – the USA have 2 rules to really help weapons teams put bullets down range. Firstly they can take 3 MMG teams in that slot of the selector, giving 3 order dice at 150 points for 3 regular teams. Secondly team weapons can re-roll ones to hit.  This makes the horde of MMG’s a good choice.
  • If you were continuing the specialists theme, you could do a lot worse than adding a bazooka and a flamethrower. Don’t pour points into them, they will be bullet magnets, but very useful either for their weaponry or decoys.

Additions – Rift Tech

  • You can add more units of HI and expand the one you have. As i said previously an entire HI army is possible! (Gallery coming soon!)
  • Fireflys – I love these, the sheer manouverability and volume of fire is immense. If you are feeling lucky or daring you can throw in the infantry flamethrower for a big cost, but if it gets to the right place at the right time it can easily make that back!

Replacments – Normal

  • Shermans – The Sherman has both standard and howitzer varients. The howitzer variet is gyro stabilised so with a veteran crew is bringing the pain at cheap cost! Just remeber if you are removing the tesla turret you may need to replace what you used it for elsewhere in your list.

Replacements – Rift tech

  • Walkers! – links to more detailed reviews in blue.
  • To start with a Jackal is a great upgrade from a Coyote, and with a 24″ threat range flamethrower and jump jets. I love these things, which is why I have 2!
  • Medium walkers – instead of the Sherman or the Sherman T, the medium walkers offer a lot. I’m a fan of simple plans, and as such the Kodiak and Bruin appeal to me, with the Mudskipper as another option, usually with a Jackal, for the high mobility option.

So, these are the ways I’d expand the starter, and as ever, our friend at Boss Minis can sort you out with a good discount.

Try the options, let me know how you get on!

HQ Out

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