Battlefield 47 : The Army Lists

So with just over a week to go I can now release the lists out into the wild that the players have chosen to take.

Overall I’m really happy with the lists that have been submitted and the background that goes with them, it just goes to show that with a little imagination the world of K47 is very versatile.

Not everyone has submitted background for a number of reasons but with 10/12 players submitting I’m really happy with how its worked out.

You might notice there is only 9 on the document linked below but this is because it was hand written and I haven’t had the time to type it up.

My personal favorite is Ryan’s resistance fluff as it has a basis in history but when combined with the commando themed army list it really captures that partisan / special forces feel.

I’m now super excited for next weekend now, just got a mammoth painting session tomorrow to get ready now!

the document can be found here 

(or if it has been taken down as its hosted in dropbox please email me)

what do you think? has any of the background or lists inspired you? let us know!

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