Konflikting Opinions – Hopes for Battlefield ’47

In the build up to our first tournament, we thought it would be a good time to answer a simple question.

What are your hopes and expectations for the tournament?

Shipman – USA

I’ll get the obvious joke out the way first – I’d like a win. Just one, doesn’t need to be glorious!

I realise that I currently have the win/loss record of an elderly man at the olympic 100 meters final, but hopefully that will change. I’m also not a petty man, but if my first win could shatter Si’s 100% streak, that’d be gravy.

In terms of the tournament itself, I want a fun days gaming in a good jokey spirit. I’m really pumped up for it and am going for my first fully painted army in quite some time!

Simon – Winter Soviets

For Shipman’s losing streak to continue.   After that, to meet new people, hook up with some folks that I’ve met in other tournaments or systems and to show off my Winter Russians!

Reading through the army pdf which James has shared here: Battlefield 47 : The Army Lists we can see that most players have totally bought into the concept and there’s been some lovely little bits of short stories written and there’s a lot more rift tech and vehicles than I expected initially.   I’m looking forwards to seeing the armies that have been produced to match these lists.

As most of my experimental stuff isn’t out until December my current list is written around mundane equipment listed in the K47 rule book and I’ve tried to theme it around a hastily cobbled together defence force.   In my mind our Ursus warriors and Siberian terror squads are still recovering from their enhancements.   The base has been left guarded by the Daughters of the Motherland with orders to destroy the base and prototype rift technology if the defence force fails.   As a result my list contains staples that would be available (and common) to a Russian reinforced platoon even if it isn’t ideal in this era of enhanced super warriors and shambling automatons.

James – Germany 

As organiser of this shindig the main thing I want is for the players to have a great time and 3 fun games of K47.

I’m really pleased with the uptake and the response from the players with all getting lists in on time and most giving me background information about their army lists.

I’ve been really happy with the prize support to with the Boss stepping up and sponsoring the event with some freebies to give away on the day and put up the prize for best army!

I’m now playing and sadly I won’t be fully painted as I didn’t think I was until I realised we have odd numbers. Which is a bit of.a shame but can’t be helped. My list is dreadful adding a tiger makes any German list worse in K47 as far as I’m concerned but it’s such an icon it had to be taken!

Last thing I’d like is for shipman to lose all three games but that’s just funny!

In fact I might give a special prize to give to who ever is the first person to lose to Shipman……..


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