Rift Tech Radio: Episode 13. Defiance Teasers

If only us showing a little leg were as glamorous as our featured image!

Firstly we need to say a massive thank you to our Bothan spies at Osprey Publishing. They have sent us a preview copy of the next book for Konflikt 47 and in this episode we give our first impressions. This is a teaser episode where we pick our two favourite things from the book and talk about Shipman’s recent experiences with Turings Automatons prompting the question, when does a few losses become the start of a new #streakofshame?

Scott is still in the Gulag we’re afraid but we’re still hopeful he can join us to go through some of his highs from the book in one of our upcoming episodes.

This is a short podcast (approx 35 minutes) and we’re hoping to follow up with some more in depth analysis of new units (and there are a few) soon!


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