The Turing Test – The Start of a New Army

This is a tale that starts with democracy and demonstrates why such a decision making method is overrated.

I am notorious for having an army problem in K47. Specifically I have 4 or 5 ideas bubbling away at each point. However when I manage to focus I can produce good results as the 107th US Heavy Infantry Brigade or the Zebra and it’s accompanying Soviet Naval Platoon show.

Fed up of last minuite painting, this time I had a plan. I was happily working away on my army for the Avanti ’47 event at the Barrage gaming show in July. I’d decided on desert themed Axis Italians – Bersaglieri no less – and had even painstakingly cut the feathers off spare heads to ensure my Shocktroopers matched my theme. I was happy, life was in fact Bellissimo!

This lasted right until the Defiance suppliment containing the rules needed was delayed……until after the tournament.

There is a saying that when man plans, god laughs, except in this case it’s Aitch’s grinning face I see! (I know its not his fault, but I can just picture his grin, probably with a 3D printed unreleased figure in the background)

This left me in a quandry. You see, for once I had planned, I’d been organised, I was in fact going to be prepared for a tournament.

But, this was clearly not meant to be. As I said above I have an attention problem, the removal of Italians as an option left me with 7 or so choices, including a couple of theoretical ideas I’d been playing with. I talked to the other KO guys and they…..added a few more ideas to the list.

So in a fit of wisdom I decided to ask the internet. Another stunningly good plan from your humble author and the outcome was by a vast majority:

Rise of the Robots – British Automaton army

I was pleased – it was a good idea that got my creativity flowing. Then I realised the first snag – the Automaton kit.

Or to give it the proper title – The F*****g Automaton kit.

This is notoriously tricky, fiddly and fragile. So what had I decided to do – thats right, lots of them with conversions!

So that is where this series starts – with a couple of months to Barrage and 1000 points of Robots to paint – Led by 2nd Lt Turing himself.

The first five were MMG bots to practice the scheme and how to build them!

As you can see, couldn’t resist starting to play with poses, but there is much more to come.

Next time: list drafts, pinning and the boss and his batman (Roger, naturally)

5 thoughts on “The Turing Test – The Start of a New Army

  1. I’m excited to see how this works on the table. The needed order tests to do anything have me concerned over fielding too many of the things.

    And just for you… #riseoftherobots


    1. I agree, espcially as they dont benefit from commander or Lt boosts.

      Also my dice are notoriously cruel! But I think it will be very swingy.

      Hopefully getting a first game in the next few weeks, will report back


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