Rift Tech Radio: Episode 15 – Operation SilverSpear

Hi All.   In fairness this episode can be summed up by one picture from a dodgy teen comedy in the 80’s.     It’s Aliiive!

Protective headgear is recommended before listening to this podcast

After a heat and work induced summer hiatus we’re back with a new episode.    This was recorded some time ago, and I’m afraid I have been delayed in stitching our audio together.    It took me so long, the rest of the cast have threatened to actually learn how to use this new fangled technology so they can do it themselves!

In this episode Paul discusses how effective the Turing Tin Boys have proven in his recent tournament.

After that James spends some time talking about Operation Silver Spear, a tournament that we’re running in November in Bedworth near Coventry.

You can listen to the podcast below, or wait for it to land if you’ve subscribed via itunes or podbean (other feeds are available!)


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