Avanti Bersaglieri! – A New Army Begins

This tale starts a long time ago in a scale that looks far far away……

The year is some time ago and a 15mm scale game called Flames of War has exploded in popularity. At the time I did commission painting to generate hobby cash and I ended up painting a sizable Italian force. They were strange in a way – all the hats had feathers.

I ended up doing a wide variety of infantry, vehicles, tanks and special things, the bikes still have a special place of hatred in my heart (its 15mm, why so many parts!) Anf it’s one of the commission armies I’m proudest of.

So when I heard that Italians were coming to K47, there was one choice really for my line troops – The proud Bersaglieri.

Warlord do an excellent starter set, with command, a squad and some weapons teams. Adding a further squad rounded this out nicley to my core force.

I’m going with fully veteran for my army and also looking to use the multiple LMG squads as much as possible – as was the Bersaglieri’s trademark. I think the rules for differrent types LMG’s in a squad are nice and flavourful, and will be paying the extra to trade in to the more powerful allied/axis versions.


One of the great things about the new Italian list is the support from whichever side they are on. So while I wait for the official figs, I made a start on Italian Bersaglieri Falco troopers:


And also the Legio Aquilla – using the existing models to make, again, Bersaglieri varients. This unit would be arrogant, aloof and see themselves as the best; the Figli Preferiti.


I was originally intending to only do an Axis force – my first one. Then they showed the Allied Heavy Infantry. And they were Bersaglieri!

So now I will be doing both. I’ll put progress up here as I go along.

2 thoughts on “Avanti Bersaglieri! – A New Army Begins

  1. I point out a mistake: the officer with the white gloves.

    1st – Italian soldiers use white gloves only when they wear high uniforms. Certainly not during a war action in the desert.
    2 ° – The bersaglieri are the only specialty of the Italian army that use black and not white gloves.

    Your officer should wear black leather gloves to be right.

    Best regards.
    Massimo Rispetto
    (bersagliere d’Italia)


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