The Turing Test – Ready for Activation

This is a new moment for me and one that I felt the need to commemerate in a blog post.

The Army is done

The Army is based

And it is not the early hours of Tournament day!

The community helped me pick on 16th April what my force should be. 90 days later, the first 1k points are complete. And yes, already planning the next 500 ish!

It has been great fun so far and awesome to see the brilliant efforts as others also contribute to the #riseoftherobots !

This is weird, I actually have to think about what I’ll do pre tournament that doesn’t involve desperate speed painting and correcting mistakes made while falling asleep brush in hand!

So without more rambling or further ado, I present the completed Department of Applied Mathematics 1000 point force.

First: The Boss and his assistant (Rodger)

The main squads:

The Weapons Teams; these were fun and slightly frustrating to convert, but I’m very pleased with the results!

And finally, the vehicles:

I’m really pleased with how these have come out, especially the simple conversions and the 2 man weapon teams.

So now the warm up games are done (3 games, 3 losses, some things never change!) Tommorrow the army goes for the Barrage tournament!

I’ll let everyone know how they get on. Thanks to eveyone for supporting the #riseoftherobots and I realise this army is far from done!

4 thoughts on “The Turing Test – Ready for Activation

  1. Great looking army. As someone getting into k47 it’s nice to see the weird war items take the main stage.


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