Winter Warriors – The Finnish Starter Set for Konflikt 47

Hi All.   Shipman has already called DIBS on the Japanese Starter Set review from the new resurgence book and as nobody else has expressed a burning desire to look at the Finnish starter, I thought I’d step up!

So (for people who might have missed it) What is in the Finnish Starter Set for K47?

Well it’s not like a regular starter force, I suspect this is because the Finns don’t have a plastic boxed set.    You can see the deal here.  There’s a handy picture below!


Now as this doesn’t include any plastic infantry, or any plastic full stop it’s not as reasonably priced as other starter sets but at £129 it’s still a very good deal when you look at what this gives us.

  • 1 Finnish Officer & Sniper team blister pack
  • 1 Finnish Rifle Squad
  • 2 Finnish Ski Troop blister packs
  • 1 German Schreckwulfen blister pack
  • 1 German Nachtjager blister pack
  • 1 German Heavy Infantry squad
  • 1 Flammspinne Panzermech
  • 1 Jagdpanzer IV L70(V) tank destroyer
  • 1 Finnish Armour Decal Sheet

Now this all seems fantastic but what does it means game wise?

We can have a regular 2nd LT armed as modelled for 50pts

He can be accompanied by a regular rifle squad including 2 smgs and an LMG for 126pts

A SISSI recon squad with 2 Panzerfaust, skis and tough fighter 170pts

8 Heavy infantry armed with assault rifles 160pts

3 Shrekwulfen 60pts

NachtJaeger 68pts

Regular Sniper Team 60pts

Flammespinne (regular) 155pts

JagdPanzer IV (regular) 280pts

All of this gives you a legal reinforced platoon at a total of 1129pts.

You have two decent sized infantry squads – the veteran sissi recon squad will be tough to nail for your opponent and will supplement the heavy infantry in giving you some veteran spine for your army.

The NachtJaeger and Shrekwulfen squads will need to be marshalled carefully as they’re vulnerable to heavy fire.    Backed up as they are, however, by the Flammespinne and Jagdpanzer you have some very heavy firepower.    Don’t forget about the horror bubble as a further -1 morale for being within range of a horror causing unit when taking morale or order checks is a good way to stack the odds against even the bravest of units.

The Finnish Snipers are amongst the best in the game with their hunter special rule allowing them to move and go into ambush!   They may not get the sniper rule in the same turn that they do this but with no penalty for movement if they fire from Ambush that turn they still stand a fair chance of hitting and again popping pins onto enemy units.

As you can see there are plenty of options here where you could drop unit sizes down or even remove units completely to squeeze into a 1000 point list.    Alternatively – you could remove a rifleman or two and add an anti tank rifle team and a panzershrek team to bulk up to 1250 !

In the interests of balance I do have one criticism of the starter.   The Finnish have very few suits of Heavy Infantry armour and only have one unit per platoon available.  I would have preferred to see the starter contain some of the jump infantry as these are heavily used by the Finnish and this would really work with the mountain / wilderness ambush tactics referenced in the background.    This is, however, the tiniest of gripes, I feel as though I am splitting hairs.

Even Stolen Armour looks good in Finnish Camouflage!

This is the perfect way to start your Finnish adventures in K47.     The only problem I can see with it is that you immediately find yourself looking at some of the other German options that are available to you and imagining them in Finnish Camouflage!

The Finnish Tricolour scheme is both striking and effective.

4 thoughts on “Winter Warriors – The Finnish Starter Set for Konflikt 47

  1. I’m afraid the ski poles you’ve given the Finnish ski troops are far too short. They would be great for skiing downhill on a piste but useless for skiing across country. This is an error commonly made by modellers who have skied in an alpine resort but have never tried cross-country skiing. For the latter you need poles which come up to the armpit, not the waist.


  2. Nice write-up, but there’s an error with the sissi unit, they can’t take panzerfausts with them.
    And the Finnish snipers do benefit from the masters of the hunt and the sniper rule, so when advancing into ambush, they get the +1 for ambush and can use their scope (was explained in the faq).


    1. Hi Koers.

      I’m not aware of there being a FAQ for the Finns in K47, I’ve not seen it yet. Also according to my copy of resurgence (which is a preview version) the Sissi squad can take panzerfausts – I’ll check my printed version this evening.


      1. Hi,
        Maybe I made a mistake, was referring to the bolt action FAQ, as I couldn’t find the k47 FAQ. And I don’t have the preview of resurgence :/
        Perhaps I was to soon with replying ^^
        But sissi’s with panzerfausts sounds awesome. Have to remodel a few then!


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