Rift Tech Radio – Minisode 1 – Resurgence Background and Rules Overview

Hey All.    Firstly, we’d like (well me – Simon) to apologise for the rushed and badly edited first release of our Minisode.     Despite editing and exporting a proper copy of the podcast in my rush to release our background and rules review I accidentally left some discussion in the stream that had adult language in.   We’ve fixed that and this is our freshly re-released family friendly podcast where Paul, James and I sit back and chat about the background in resurgence and give our thoughts on which rules made it into K47 from BA2.0.

In this episode we go through the background and summarise whats happened where.   Then we give our thoughts on how you may wish to use these events to create campaigns or guide force choices.

We mention James’ recent PnG inspired K47 force ideas which he blogged about and Warlord kindly featured in the recent newsletter and summarise the rules changes which the book introduces.

The episode will be on Podbean now, and should be appearing in itunes feeds over the week (if it hasn’t already).   You can listen to it via soundcloud in the player below.

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