Soviet Naval Brigade – Not Perfect Part 2 – First squads! 

Following on from part 1 of this series here; progress is continuing on the Naval Brigade of the Destroyer Oktober.

Firstly we have the first complete squad, a 11 man SMG squad. Deadly from close in, these figures were too fun not to use!

Again, quick and tabletop is still the name of the game, with basing to be sorted when everything is finished being painted.

Also done for today is the boss.

This is the commisar from the siberian veterans boxed set, but just looked so badass and in theme for my force, I just had to use him for my LT. His friend with the flag has no in game effects, but come on, just look at it! These are great characterful figures.

Next on the table is my commisar, some anti tank teams, an observer and some very special ladies!

2 thoughts on “Soviet Naval Brigade – Not Perfect Part 2 – First squads! 

  1. Dear Cap. I reckon CG should think about adding flag bearer rules to the game, as in the rules from “Barbarossa to Berlin”. Then my flag bearing bear, won’t just be in name only!


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