Rift Tech Radio – Episode 3 – The Soviets in K47

So we’re back!    This time we’re looking at the Soviets in K47 with help (as usual) from our co-host Scott of Boss Miniatures.     This is a fairly lengthy episode which should download automatically via Podbean or iTunes if you use either of those apps.

Alternatively you can listen via Sound Cloud.

As this is a long episode you might want to split your listening, as a result please see the time stamps below to aid in your navigation

00:00 – 01:50 – Intros

01:51 – 35:08 – News & Rumours

35:09 – 44:50 – Hobby Bench

44:51 – End  – The Soviet Army in K47

I also thought I’d share some of the things we discuss in our ramblings about the hobby along with some things that have been posted on the K47 facebook group recently which may have passed you by as it can move pretty quick on occasion.


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