What can K47 players take from Sealion?

As most Bolt Action players will tell you, the new hotness is Operation: Sealion, a new what if style campaign book in the Bolt Action universe (ish!)

However, knowing that there is several people who like to borrow (or outright steal!) The beat ideas from other areas, I thought id look at the book from a K47 perspective.

Overall it’s very good to be honest, but what can we steal?:

  • Units – on the whole due to the timeframe (39-40 ish) this section isn’t terrifically useful. However there are several sets of rules that can be adapted for K47 scenarios – beach assault and landings, even submersible tanks! In addition to this rules for adapted vehicles (like the Armadillo) and also civilian vehicles like mundane cars can all be used in scenario play. Also for partizan forces, country folk, womens guild archer units (just seriously awesome) and even the boy scouts make an appearance.
  • Defensive emplacements and booby traps – again, this is a real strength of the new book giving more spice to attacker/defender scenarios. From normal barbed wire to flaming barrels of oil these again could slot straight into k47, especially if you want to do organised force vs partizan style scenarios (finnish resistance anyone?)
  • Patrol lists – this is an excellent section for k47 players as it sets a great level for intro games. In short 500 points, very limited vehicles great fun. These especially combine great with the next section
  • Scenarios – these are brilliant, just brilliant. Imaginative and varied they can easily be adapted. Also want to try and assasinate Churchill (who is armed, awesome and very dangerous) with a glider attack? Now is your chance! These are well worth a look and even do a points based campaign linking them all for groups with dedication!

I don’t think the scenario / narrative play elements of this book can be understated, especially for small raid style games. ideal for club play in a night who can get your 4 vampire strike team of Nacjtager through the enemy rearguard patrols to assassinate the enemy general in his bed. or using the improvised weapons rules you can bring that weird war wackiness to partisan units.

Or in straight up regular play the glider landing scenario could be really easily retro fitted for a airborne mech attack game

It will be interesting to see what is expanded on in the follow up book – Operation Gigant – but overall there is lots here you can use, especially in narrative play

3 thoughts on “What can K47 players take from Sealion?

  1. Glad to here about the submersible tanks, currently building some submersible mechs, and was just going to go with the fluff. But maybe I can do some rules tinkering…


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