Rift Tech Radio – An Introduction & Episode 1

So, we made a podcast.    We made a podcast, released it and have (until this point) no links to it or anything about it on our blog.     We were so organised, we planned what we’d say and organised it all with Scott of Boss Miniatures, and then forgot to write on the blog about it.    We thought we should introduce the podcast (after the event) and let anyone who’s missed it, see what’s in it!

We started with a brief introduction and then got stuck right into some juicy rumours and information which we’ve been given.    Below you can see a picture of the Japanese concept that we discussed.


Japanese Infantry walking through wall

We also talked about the US army in K47, what our favourite units are and how we would run a K47 US army.    We also talked Hobby bench and what we’ve been up to in the hobby over the last 4 weeks or so.

Here’s the episode we recorded below!




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