Konflikting Opinions – The Competition Winner

Hi All, we’ve been running a competition through February and a combination of Event attendance, “real life” and work etc has prevented the 4 of us from meeting up to discuss the entries in any detail.   In an attempt to make a decision we’re going to put a piece together and argue our favourite entries (and announce a winner).  The entries were all posted on our facebook page here


I really enjoyed reading the entries, and I would love to see Clockwork Goblin turn some of these ideas into resin.   I really liked the New Mexican Army Mole transport idea, and I thought that the Finnish Trolls were quite a quirky twist.    The Double Howitzer Odin, Rail Rifle teams and U-Terra were also interesting concepts.    My two favourite ideas were the Wendigo and Geists.     The Wendigo with it’s Freeze-Thrower and vulnerable tanks was almost there, but the idea behind the Geists was what inspired me the most.     I think they fit in nicely with the horror direction that the Germans have taken and I also liked the nice balance in the mechanic where they’re susceptible to area effect weapons.


I was amazed by the variety and great ideas, thanks everyone who entered! my three favourites were the Geists – love the idea of the horrifying victims of mad science. The Finnish Troll, especially for the idea of national DNA coming out in the enhancement and this has whet my appetite for the Finn expansion in the next book! Finally I also loved the Wendigo, the fluff was well thought out and had also discussed a potential weakness and effective counter attacks. It also fits nicely in the USA variant scheme that is becoming their theme for walkers.


I loved all the entries there are some cool concepts! We’ve even spoke about making some of them for fun in our own games.  The Finnish troll is an amazing idea and really fits with the Finnish history. My favourite entry is the Geists; the theme is very cool and slots straight into the existing background! Plus the rules for different weapons affecting them in different ways is a nice and new mechanic that looks really cool!

So congratulations to Lorenzo Salden, and thank you to everyone who took part!

We know it’s been a little quiet on the blog, but we are gearing up to resume normal service, so you’ll see more from us very soon!


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