Konflikting Opinions – Competition time! 

Hi all here at Konflikting Opinions we are excited about the future of K47 and all the possible new units that might come in the future so we have decided to run a competition in conjunction with Boss miniatures and games! 

We are offering up a £20 gift voucher to spend at Boss minis, to win this prize all you have to do is post on the Facebook thread for this article on our Facebook page (which you can find here) with what rift tech unit you’d like to see in the future of K47!

The more detail the better rules, fluff you name it we want to see it! We’ve posted some samples we have come up with below!

We will keep this open till the 17th of Feb when we will decide on a winner.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!!

James – Doppelgänger

A German unit

As pressure grew on the German army they looked to subterfuge to help in their battles the doppelgänger was developed to sow confusion in the enemy ranks by issuing conflicting orders.

60 points, veteran equipped with either a rifle, SMG or assault rifle. Goes into the high command slot.

Tough & Confusion special rule – the doppelgänger are used by the Germans to confuse and delay the enemy any enemy unit within 12″ must take an order test at -2 to activate.

Simon – Ursus Exo

A Russian Unit (Da Comrades!)

With production of the Zvukovoy Proyektor at full pelt Soviet forces began encountering more and more tank traps in built up areas preventing their sonic weapons from being deployed with any efficacy against defenders.    Engineers tried mounting a proyektor weapon to a Cossack unit but the light walkers faired badly in built up areas, proving especially vulnerable to jump based infantry.   Finally they hit upon the idea of using their Ursus Warriors within an Exo-suit with Proyektor technology to enhance their roars to sonic proportions

The Ursus Exo – (Light 7+ walker)  takes up a light walker / armoured car slot in a reinforced platoon.

100 points regular equipped with an exo-suit, claws and an Ursus Proyektor (gives the Sonic Roar special rule)

Special Rules: Tough, Tooth and Claw, Exo-Suit, Sonic Roar, Horror,

Tooth and Claw is per the rule book.

Tough is an adaptation of the infantry tough rule (not the shield rule that some vehicles get) which allows the Walker to shrug off attacks with a pen value of +2 or below on a 5+ on a D6.

Exo-Suit – Pen +3 for melee attacks

Sonic Roar – Roll a dice for every unit within 6″ of this unit when it activates it’s sonic roar equipment (friend or foe).    On a 4+ the unit must change it’s order dice to down as the members of the unit collapse in sonic shock and suffers d3 pins.    Vehicles that are affected suffer a crew stunned result and d2 pins.   When Sonic Roar is active this unit’s horror causes a -1 morale modifier on all units with 12″ as friends and foes alike struggle to overcome the fear caused by the rage of the bears roar.

Shipman – M5A3 Wolf Light Walker

As the war continued, scout platoons of light walkers often found themselves outgunned and out armoured by opposing forces. With the HMG not being strong enough to make a dent, the US forces created the Wolf varient switching the .50 cal for a bazooka for punch.

Cost : 100pts (Regular), 110pts (Veteran)

Weapons  Right arm-mounted MMG, 2x Fist, Left arm-mounted Bazooka.

Damage Value : 7+ (light walker)

Special Rules :

  •  – Walker
  •  – Agile
  •  – Assault
  •  – Single Crew – may only fire one weapon each turn.

Now I’ve designed it, I’ll be building my very own soon. Ill put up a how-to once I have!

Stefan – AU-emergency autonomous unit

The British needed something that would receive orders normally unlike the automatons, despite the name, so they came up with an anti-infantry and anti-tank unit, more like walkers than anything else, they had wider, hollow legs and a rectangular body with a barred cockpit, it had hollow arms with the choice of a PIAT or vickers HMG

Weapons: x2 fists, right arm mounted HMG

120 points (regular).
Options: swap HMG for PIAT +20pts per model

Special rules: flak, tough, resilient

So let’s see your entries in the comment section on Facebook!


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