German Fury- Howl of the wolves the Schrekwulfen

After a bit of an extended break from painting I finally got round to finishing my first 3 Schrekwulfen. All of us here at KO are off to a narrative escalation event on the south coast in march called Rift war and it’s given me the boot I needed to spur on with the painting so expect to see more articles as I strive towards Getting the 1100 points ready.

The models are lovely to paint with lots of deep detail so they take washes well I looked at quite a few photos of real wolves before I started and settled on a light grey colour scheme for them.
The snow bases will match the rest of the army.

Looking at the rules for the Schrekwulfen you get 3 veteran troops for 60 points and can buy 3 more at 20 points each. They have no guns or ranged attacks but come with Large model, Horror, Fast, Tough, Tooth and Claw and IR vision. Definitely chock full of special rules but how to they all work together.
They cannot shoot but make up for this with 3 attacks each in close combat, with a 5+ save against anything with +1 pen or less and have an 18″ run move so clearly they are meant to rush over the table and get into combat quickly but be warned a full squad putting out 10-12 shots can react to stand and shoot then use point blank fire to really cause a lot of hurt on the unit even through that veteran status and the 5+ save so sending them against an enemy with no pins will end badly most of the time.
But wait you forgot the Horror rule I hear you cry! Horror forces the assaulted unit to take a morale test on -1 or have to forfeit reactions and do point blank shooting or hand to hand fighting after the Schrekwulfen but if you assume no pins a regular unit will still pass on an 8 or a 67% chance of success so you cannot rely on Horror.
What it boils down to is you must put pins onto a unit before you assault them so the wolves can’t act alone personally I’d aim for 2 before I’d go in (so with horror it’s -3) plus even if they do pass a -2 on all shooting from pins will most of the time ensure your Schrekwulfen get to see combat.
Another useful combo I’ve found is teaming them up with a sniper on a flank 110 points for 2 dice is pretty cheap and the sniper can threaten Sargent’s, if you do kill them it creates an effective -3 to the Horror test so is surprisingly effective for its low cost.
Larger units are defiantly worth considering and for me still quite cost effective for 120 points a full squad of 6 is a real fast moving threat although the extra bodies don’t translate into a noticeable spike in survivability so the advice above is still relevant.
The Schrekwulfen unlike their flying buddies the Nachtjäger do not have any real way of dealing with armour so keep them clear unless they are soft skinned as they can generate the attacks needed
One last point is don’t forget that IR vision doesn’t come up all that often but we have been playing with the bolt action night fight rules and the ability to move round the table in the dark and not been seen while you can still set up charges because of the IR is not to be sniffed at.
Next up I’ve been working on my Spinne so expect to see that soon.

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