Soviet Steel – First Impressions of the Siberian Terrors

I managed to get my hands on a nice shiny blister (or two) of the new Siberian Terror Squad from Warlord Games.     The Terror squad are a lovely unit of Soviet Anti-Freeze powered ghouls!    Perfect for sorting out invaders of the motherland during the freezing Russian Winters.

The figures are metal sculpts and have lots of lovely detail on them.   They seem a little bigger than the normal “non-enhanced” models in the bolt action line which presents a couple of issues for conversion which I will discuss later.  I am looking forwards to painting the exposed flesh beneath the torn flesh on the chests of the models.

Soviet Terrors, with optional SMG hands and knife hands

Each figure is provided in three parts with a main body and then a choice of hands with SMGs or Knives.     I’d like to have seen a couple of Panzerfaust toting Terrors to add variety to the poses within the squad and to provide the options that are available to the terror squad.    I’ll be adding Panzerfausts to a couple of my Terrors shortly.   I found what looked like a mould line down the leg of each of my terrors, which I’ve trimmed off.   I hope I’ve not accidentally removed a pin stripe line or something similar!


The Rear of the models showing the mould lines and the lovely details

The detail on the back is lovely with the anti-freeze dispenser fused into the spine of the Terror, I also liked the details of the gashes on the backs of the model heads and the grenades on the belts.

I like the figures but I was disappointed that I only have three sculpts in my squad!   I’ve added some weapon swaps to help differentiate between my models and break up the poses.      The slightly increased size of the models also makes converting them with optional bits from my Soviet Plastics difficult.    I think I got away with it with hands, but my plan to add the odd helmet or Cap here and there was scuppered as they looked silly perched on the larger models.

A couple of hand swaps and we have a Molotov toting Terror with another dual wielding SMG madman

Having said that, they do look great (in my opinion) and I can’t wait to paint them.

What is more effective than one SMG? Two SMGs, Komrade!

In Konflikt-47 the siberian terrors are a Veteran Infantry option who have both the Fast and Fanatic special rules.    Fast in particular is a very useful rule for these infantry giving them a ridiculously quick run move and making them a real strike threat.    They’re also IMMUNE to fire and never take pins or damage from flame-throwers.     At 13 points in their pants with just some cutlery for weapons they’re not a cheap option but considering  the Soviet Army has lots of opportunities for cheap dice adding units elsewhere and the special rules that they come with, I think this is quite balanced.     I plan on taking a unit of 10, tricked out with SMGs, Knives and two purloined Panzerfausts for 170 points.      Yes Komrade!   The Winter is Here!

I picked my set up from Boss Miniatures.    Excellent service as usual and I can strongly recommend his store if you don’t have a local bricks and mortar that stocks K-47.


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