Battlefield 47: A Konflickting Opinions Event 

Come one, come all to our first event battlefield 47!

We are super excited to say this event is sponsored by the Boss!

Boss miniatures and games are on board to sponsor the event and help with the prize support!

They offer a top class service and great prices on your K47 and Bolt Action purchases so support them! You can find the boss at

It will be held on Sunday the 27th of November 2016

This is being run in conjunction with our local wargames club in bedworth and will be at there venue

Bedworth Conservative Club Coventry Rd, Bedworth CV12 8NN

As this is our first one we have decided to keep it small so only have 16 places. As it is being held at Bedworth using their terrain as such they have had first dibs on places so we have 7 places left. They will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

If you want one drop me an email on the address below

The tournament will be 3 games using the core K47 rules to keep everything nice and simple to start. However we will be running the following scenarios from Bolt Action 2.0

Game 1: Double envelopment

Game 2:Demolition

Games 3: Key positions
So why should you come? Well first it’s a K47 event and you enjoy playing the game! But second we aim to make it a fun relaxed day of gaming with like minded individuals. We don’t plan to put any specific composition requirements in play for this event but what we ask is that your army is suitably weird war K47 style, one of the things that grabbed us about the game is the chance to do an alternate history so is your army s soviet experimental force or a German Norwegian defence force? (Like Simon and mine respectively!) it could be a modern janisariey force now turkey has entered the war or a finish resistance army the possibilities are huge. What we would want is some fluff and real thought out into your army so it tells a story!

Armies will be a 1000 points

For the demolition scenario you will need a 40mm round base to act as your objective.

We would prefer you to use one of the army lists in the main rule book however we apreciate this doesn’t cover all armies so all books can be used but only the basic re enforced platoon, to bring the books online with K47 a weird war pick can be taken in a non core army list what it is is up to you but your fluff must give a good reason for it being there!

Scoring will work as follows

10 points for a win

5 points for a draw

0 points for a loss

10 points for having your army list in by the deadline

10 points for good well presented background that fits the theme and ethos of the event

10 points for being fully painted

The last two items are of course subjective but we hope all players would get this and the judges are happy to chat with players prior to list submission to ensure they score these points.

If the TO ends up playing then the other members of this blog will judge these subjective scores

The FAQ for K47 has been released, we will be using this at the event and you can find it here.

Your army list and background  must be submitted by midnight on he 13th of November to score the maximum points

Our prizes will be gift vouchers from our events sponsor Boss minis and games!

£30 for 1st place

£20 for 2nd place

£10 for 3rd place

£20 for most sporting

And kindly donated by the boss

£20 for best army

If you have any questions please let me know!


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