Review – German Schreckwulfen

Hi folkes, welcome to another Konflicting Opinions review, this time we will be taking a closer look at one of the new rift tech monsters the Germans have been given access to the Schreckwulfen!

The models can be picked up from Warlord games here

The lovely Warlord paint job
Out of the box you get 3 Schreckwulfen, 2 fixed pose with separate hands and 1 poseable torso that is crouching with a poseable hand. In addition you get 3 Warlord style 40mm bases.

As they come out of the pack

The sculpts themselves are what you’d come to expect from Warlord, the models are clean, detailed and crisp with minimal mould lines.

Size comparison with a basic infantry man and a heavy infantry man
The models stand about the same height as a Wehrmacht Heavy infantry solider but are considerably bulkier. I’ll be keeping mine on the 40mm round base supplied as I think it would look cramped on a 25mm base.

Assembled and ready to paint
I do love these models, the sculptor has captured the super science DNA manipulation theme the K47 universe incredibly well. I wish the fur went across the body a little more as I think without a careful paint job they could look like men in masks Scooby doo style.

My only real complaint is the lack of pose-ability  in the sculpts. 3 Wulfen doing a jazz hands pose is cool but I think I’d like a unit of 5 or 6 and with out a lot  work re-sculpting it would be hard to alter the sculpts to create variety.

Close up One

Close up Two

Close up Three
Overall I like the models a lot I’d just like more ways to pose them For a German army however I think they suit the theme of the grey wolf well and I can really see them in an eastern front army.

The rules for these guys can be found on page 131 of the Konflikt 47 rule book which can be brought here.

So what do you get?

Well for 60 points you get 3 veteran Schreckwulfen and can add an additional 3 for 20 points each which is at the upper end of the infantry pricing but not as much as say the British Galahad Armoured Suits or the US Heavy Infantry.
They do come with a host of special rules to justify this hefty 20 points per model price tag.

Large infantry, Horror , Fast , Tough , Tooth and claw and IR vision

Obviously these guys are designed to close the gap with the enemy fast and rip them into pieces during close assault.

Being Fast means they will close the gap quickly but they will rely heavily on terrain to not get shot off the table before this happens.  Not having resilient means they are killed on 5+ (as normal for veterans) but they do get a 5+ armour save from the tough rule after they have been wounded, ignoring a third of all hits is big but not reliable enough to chance upon it.

It seems to me that like most veteran troops they are vulnerable to high volume small arms in the open or high penetration bigger guns. So using cover as they stalk their pray is vital as that 5+ save will only get you so far!

When deploying and moving them around the German player needs to watch out for the Horror rule, no sense in having the penalty to morale if you don’t need to. The potential benefit during the assault phase preventing reactions if the target fails a morale test is huge and makes up for this drawback. Used in combination with other units to put pins onto a target then follow up with a Schrekwulfen charge will be deadly as they get 3 attacks each!

It is this co-ordination that will make the wulfen shine as they don’t have a gun they must attack in hand to hand meaning your opponent will likely choose close range shooting, so any pins will impact the to hit roll. More pins equals less hits on the wulfen so less chance of failing that tough save!

This is also where I think the shrekwulfens biggest weakest lies unless your target has 2-3 pins before you get to attack the shooting could be brutal and while 3 attacks let model is great losing one or two reduces this number quickly.

Slightly dovetailing into any potential changes due to Bolt Action 2 if an officer can use the new ability to activate multiple units one after another (you men snap to action or something like that!) is able to activate a unit to shoot the wulfens target and soften them up plus put a pin on them then immediately charge with the Schrekwulfen as the next action before the opponent can do anything about it could be awesome!

These are my Initial thoughts hope you’ve found them useful. Have you any tips or tricks your thinking of using? Let me know I’m all ears!
James out

3 thoughts on “Review – German Schreckwulfen

  1. Judging by the description this unit is a bit of a glass cannon !! With charge reactions they haven’t got the numbers to survive a round of shooting with their 5+ tough save . HE could wreck their day and Bazzooks and rifle grenades . I would prefer the Totenkof Zombies with their numbers up to 20 to take the hits .

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    1. Yeah I think so! Of course could all change when I play test then but I think you’ve got to use them like a scalpel!


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