Reinforcing the 107th – aka What Have We Learned in the US Army

So, with a few games at smaller points under my belt with the glorious 107th, I thought I’d update my basic lists and share my thoughts on how they’ve done so far.

My 500 point list is as per the battle report here.

So Far: 107th on the march!

I’ve not won a game yet, I’ve drawn, but that’s as close as I’ve got. However this has not stopped me from really enjoying the games I have had and they’ve all had points where I could have turned it with a dice roll, or more usually, being a better tactician. This has also been helped that my opponents each time have been great fun to play, which makes a defeat that little bit easier!

But looking back over my games with quiet reflection and a large bar of dairy milk there are several glaring flaws in my lists.

1. Lack of AT

This for me is a legacy from other games and the meta there. In previous rule systems, taking a medium or heavy tank at 500 points seems crazy, so I carried this into K47, focusing on anti infantry weapons.

This, it turns out, was a mistake.

In my two 500 point games I had a shock, the first opponent took a Grizzly, which although it was a points sink at that size was also tremendously effective.

My next opponent used a Stuart. Again, with my limited AT I struggled to deal with the number of dice it could put out.

My main counter to this was giving Anti Tank grenades out like sweets, however this option is very limited and with order dice pulls and stand and shoot reactions frankly is just not effective. As James says if the plan involves the sentence “and hope they miss a lot” its not a good plan!

2. Number of units

In my lists I also neglected dice management and ratios. This is less of an issue in Gates of Antares as its quite hard to do a horde force except where designed by the rules (Rebel Ghar, I’m looking at you).

However in K47 due to my love of shiny toys and high cost units like the heavy infantry I’ve found myself down on dice, which in turn impacts my chances of acting first and using units effectively.

Paired with not utilising small teams (as discussed below) and the loss of the free air observer which I  got in Bolt Action and it is becoming a significant challenge to my lists.

3. Weapons teams

This also fits under 2, as I’ve not really used weapon teams in my list, I’ve not had the specialist tools for the job. The amount of times a bazooka team or a sniper would have massively helped (especially to kill PIATs!) has been obvious even to me.

Hence a little changing around to squeeze some specialists in.

Spot the Differrence

The first differrence is purely fluff. As he has performed terribly, spending one game hiding after orders tests and another being on the receving end of a game of ‘catch the PIAT'(a sport at which he does not excel!) Lt Mark “Jackal” Jameson and his Coyote is being sent behind for retraining.

In his place is Lt. Colburg in the ‘Ace High’ freshly minted Coyote walker.

In actual  changes, my list now looks like this:

  • 2nd Lt Duffy (Regular), 2 regular riflemen
  • Regular rifle unit of 8 + NCO. NCO has SMG and 2x BAR in unit
  • Heavy Infantry unit (veteran) 4 men + NCO
  • Regular MMG Team
  • Regular Sniper Team
  • Regular Bazooka Team
  • ‘Ace High’ Coyote Walker, Regular
  • ‘Painted Lady’ M8 Grizzly, Regular

8 dice overall

This should hopefully counter the issues above. My only concern is the lack of basic shots, so for expansion rather than toys it might be simply boots on the ground!

First run out is vs James’s German shortly. Battle report coming soon

HQ Out

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