Review – Wehrmacht heavy infantry  

I received my order of the new shiny toys from warlord games this week so I wanted to put up a quick review of the models. 

The Germans were the first of the major factions to use heavy infantry. The renforced armour made them a force to be reckoned with. Armed with assault rifles and panzerfausts they look quite versatile in game, and with my first game Tuesday I’ll find out! 

Here is a shot of the models as they come out the packaging 

Parts breakdown
The box comes with 8 men equipped with assault rifles. You get 8 normal back packs and 2 with panzerfausts so you get some customisation. The squad leader doesn’treally stand out he has an assault rifle all ready attached whereas the normal guys have separate arms  which is a shame but easy enough to convert to rectify 

You can see the difference in the photo below 

close up of the sargent figure
Handily all the heads are separate and you get the normal lovely warlord heads However I’ve decided to convert mine slightly by adding some of the SoTR heads (found Here) these are the pic below 

Secrets of the third Reich gasmask heads
They just add a little weird war goodness! 

The models are mostly free of mould lines with little flash so clean up was a breeze. Size wise they are about the same height as a normal trooper which I quite like as it keeps in line with the dieselpunk feel.

size comparison to winter infantryman
Ready for battle!
Here’s a shot of the unit fully assembled  I must admit when I opened the box and saw a mass of metal bits my heart sunk a little I thought this is going to be a pain, but I was pleased to be suprised! The work included minor conversions (adding packs to the troopers) the whole lot went together in about an hour. 

They look menacing and powerful and I look forward to getting them in the table for a game now! Great kit and if your playing Germans you should pick them up.


3 thoughts on “Review – Wehrmacht heavy infantry  

  1. I was wondering about headswops for these heavy infantry, and luckily your post had all the information I needed! Thanks!


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