Konflikting Opinions – The Release Schedule

The new Konflikting Opinions question; now we have a release schedule for the next few months, what are everyone’s thoughts?

Simon – Soviets

Discovering that I get no new toys until just before Christmas where my hobby budget is needed to buy new toys for my munchkins didn’t fill me with happy thoughts.  I know Warlord have a schedule and they need to work around other games systems that they support but it did/does surprise me that instead of doing one unit per faction or two units per faction they seem to be focusing in on Two factions first.    Having said that at least we have a schedule.   I may not agree with it but at least now I know there’s unlikely to be anything shiny for me until Santa’s been.

So, looking for a silver lining to this cloud of disappointment, at least it gives me a chance to look at my table and building the scenery that I want to have available for when I do have giant stompy robots to put down and push around.   That’s not the only bright side, now I get to sit and make ominous announcements like..  “Winter is coming”

James – Germans

Short and sharp from me this week overall pretty pleased with the schedule. Lots to look forward to and I seem to be getting something new every month, I’ve got the more powerful German units first (such as the Nachtjager) which is cool but I’d rather have the Totenkorps first as they are written into the forces Background that I’m working on. However that’s a bit like complaining, this cake is way to delicious!

Shipman – USA

While I appreciate my Comrades points above, I feel middling about the schedule announced in terms of the USA. We didnt have many additional units to begin with compared to other factions, so dont have the options of the Germans or Soviets. We do have the benefit of the boxed starter set and it will force me to knuckle down and paint what I have!

I just wish the walkers were out asap for all factions, these really sell the game and will also dampen down the continual talk of proxies from other companies.

Overall my main thought is get the force painted, as the air wing will be start of next year!

Stefan – Great Britain

Like Paul I would really like the guardian, heavy infantry and automatons to be out ASAP. But like dad I have to wait until after Christmas to get  the new shiny robots. There might be other shiny toys too!

But I am quite depressed that the Brits toys don’t come out for a few months whilst the Americans and Germans feast on Walkers, jetpack troops, heavy infantry and DNA modded soldiers like the Schreckwulfen, Nachtjäger and Totenkorps.

Hopefully school and months will wizz by and it will be Christmas before I know it. 🙂

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