USA Army – First List and intoducing the ‘Dave of Love’

So now I have it in my hands as we speak. The book, the starter box and time to use them both!

And as such, I thought the best way to approach this game is set perameters.

As I stated in my previous post I have a vision for what the force will look like, and the starter set puts me a long way towards that.

However in the important parts, my memory has betrayed me (just like my US air observer, Klaus Von Marx). The units in Red Alert have generic names, so there is little to use. However, while working on my force, a strange inspiration presented itself.

Poker, specifically this scene from the West Wing (a favourite show to paint to) showing a run of great nicknames that can be appropriated for units, ending with the Sorkin in-joke of the ‘Dave of Love’ (ten of hearts) for the dealer.

So, the new plan is poker and playing card themed nicknames for units, vehicles and especially walkers. They may start off with simple unit designations, but gain nicknames at they form stories through our games.

Admittedly, I have adapted slightly as the walkers are so pretty! I have even gone so far as to buy tank crewmen from warlord especially. If my walkers are destroyed, then I’ll use them on the board!
My plan is simple first list is 750 points. The list is below and I will do assembly and painting posts as I go along:

107th Division

2nd Lt David “Dave” Duffy, with 2 riflemen (regular) – 10♡

Air Force Observer Klaus von Marx (regular) – 9♡

Two 10 man infatry squads, SMG for NCO, 2x BAR (regular)- 3♡ and 4♡

Heavy Infantry Squad (veteran) – A♧

Coyote light walker (regular), Lt Mark “Jackal” Jameson – Jack of Diamonds

Grizzly medium walker, Lt Jimmy Kent in the “Painted Lady” – Queen of Hearts

746 points and 7 dice.

So, we’ll soon see the 107th on the board and I’ll report back!

HQ out

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