Soviet Steel – First List

Without having any idea of what the schedule looks like for the Soviet forces, I’ve gone with what I’d like to field if I had unlimited choices.

My initial list probably looks a little light on hardware.   My plan is to play the objectives and use my weight of numbers to control the table.   I’ve then got two heavy hitting units to do the bulk of the work.    Firstly we’ve got the fast Daughters of the Motherland to rush over the table, laying waste to anyone and anything that tries to stop them.   Fast, tough assault rifle toting bad asses should handle most threats.    A truck full of Ursus infantry should handle whatever they can’t!

My Ursus infantry will probably attract a lot of attention so I’ve bought them a truck to transport them a little closer before they hop out and distribute bear hugs 🙂

At 1000 points I’d add in a light Walker and a small Siberian Terror Squad.    At 1250 I’d tweak the list to make sure I get myself a Mammoth to stride over the battlefield, laying waste to any and all opponents.

Officer: SMG; 2nd Lieutenant (Regular)
2 Infantry: regular; 2× SMG

11 Infantry Squad: 3× SMG ; LMG
11 Infantry Squad: 3× SMG ; LMG
Free Rifle Squad: anti-tank grenades
7 Daughters Of The Motherland: 2× Captured Panzerfaust; SN-42 body armour
5 Ursus Infantry

Medium Mortar Team: regular
Sniper Team

Truck: regular

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