German Fury – my first German list 

Following on from my blog on the background for my German army (found here) I’ve started working on my army list.

As with the other guys I’m doing 750 points to start, which suits my background of a small elite army to begin with plus with my other commitments and tournaments for other game systems comming up keeps the painting list short!

To begin with I selected a 2nd Lieutenant with an SMG, I picked him because the command options don’t seem to do a lot in K47 so keeping it cheap seems the way to go, however of course as its an elite force I’ve upgraded him to a veteran

Next we have the basic infantry squads, I always try to keep my ‘core’ infantry choices as mirror squads so both squads are the same. As its an elite army I chose the veteran squad option. Squad size is an interesting balancing act in K47 with the fatherland resurgent rule it means you would like over 5 models with some redundancy but the squads are pricy for the full 10 so I’ve gone for 8 men to start as it seems like the best balance between the two. For some fire power I gave them a LMG, equipped the NCO with an SMG (more because that’s what the model has than anything else) and three assault rifles meaning the unit pumps out 14 shots at full strength which seems respectable Then because the models I have are equipped with them 3 panzerfausts per unit, the effectiveness of which will depend heavily on my opponents force but it does give me anti tank in squads.

After that I picked up a box of the new heavy infantry 8 men is the right size to take advantage of fartherland resurgent and 8 assault rifles is not to be messed with, again Panzerfaust because the models come with them.

The sniper team vs mortar team debate took a while for me to resolve, they are the same points and I’ve no doubt that the mortar is probably more useful but my army is a platoon of guerrilla moutain fighters so it seems more fitting to be a sniper and of course veteran to fit the background.

Last up we have the Spinne Light Panzermech this made it into the army because the model is fricken sweet and it provides my only proper anti tank gun, plus the idea of a spider mech fits the moutain terrain theme I have. It’s regular simply because I ran out of points

So putting it all together it looks like this

2nd Lieutenant: veteran; SMG 65

8 Veteran Infantry Squad/FJ/SS: SMG (NCO); 4 × assault rifle; LMG; 3 × panzerfaust 162

8 Veteran Infantry Squad/FJ/SS: SMG (NCO); 4 × assault rifle; LMG; 3 × panzerfaust 162

8 Wehrmacht Heavy Infantry: 2 × Panzerfaust 170

Sniper Team: veteran 65

Spinne Light Panzermech 125

749 points

7 dice and some decent fire power, plus it really fits into the theme I had in my head! Now to get it painted! 🙂

Any questions or comments welcome as normal


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