In his Majesty’s Service – First List

I have chosen these units so I have what I would like, and I have a strong and mobile defence or attack force to take out any Soviet or German army. I have chosen the commandos for elite short range and close combat fighting. I chose the automatons for heavy firepower or covering fire. I chose the grizzly to take out a tank or anti-vehicle gun and for melee against infantry. I chose the Bren carrier to transport the commandos.

Great Britain Konflikt ’47

Officer: 2nd Lieutenant (Regular); SMG
• 2 Infantry: regular; 2 × rifle

Free Artillery Forward Observer

10 Regular Infantry Section: NCO (SMG)

10 Regular Infantry Section: NCO (SMG)

4 Automated Infantry Section

5 Commando, Royal Marine, Airborne Section: NCO (SMG); 4 × SMG

Grizzly Medium Assault Walker

Bren Carrier: Boys anti tank rifle upgrade regular

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