USA Army – Themes and Inspirations – A Starting Point

So, with the release due next week, what I can actually do for my army is limited.

However, I wanted to share some of my background, ideas and inspiration behind the army as a whole.

In essence the magic words are Red Alert.This was a spin off from the command and conquer series of games, th groundbreaking rts by westwood studios.

For those who don’t know,  this is a computer gaming classic in which time travelling Eienstein eliminates Hitler, thus creates an alterntive timeline where it’s the Allies vs Russians.

It also sets the trend for excellent intro in the series and its expansions, but the first is a classic!

The mesh between Konflikt ’47 and Red Alert is exceedingly obvious. Its basically the same premise – Super Science Weird War, grounded in WW2 level tech. 

The later games add more and more fun, Tesla tanks (an improvment of the tesla coil towers of the original),  time travelling tanks and from thw first game onwards super soldiers such as the brilliant Tanya. 

And as if by magic Warlord Games have me covered with the pre order fig:

In short the themes are (maybe until i see the book and shinys)

  • Basic troops as core, we will be seeing rifles and bazookas here people!
  • Some fun stuff but not overwhleming numbers of it
  • Funky tanks, each of which will be named after units from Red Alert

First order of business is reach Saturday and get my greasy paws on the big guy. Painting article shortly afterwards!

BTW, there will be a discussion on the unit he leads shortly in the Konflikt ’47 facebook group, come join in the fun!

But for now, HQ Out

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