Konflicting Opinions – Hopes for the Game

This is the first in a series of Group posts where the contributors of the blog chip in on a question.

First time, lets keep it simple; What are your hopes for Konflikt 47?

Shipman – USA

My hopes for the system? Simple – Good Fun and Cool Toys. From the previews we’ve seen there’s gonna be a lot of interesting stuff coming out, and hopefully the game will retain the balence of BA (not perfect, I know, but lets just say way better than some!).

The challenge for me is always a simple question – am I enjoying this? I have limited time to game and paint, and limited budget. I can’t waste any of these on unfun things.


I know I’ll have oppoents who I find fun to play, espcially these frenemies I’m blogging with, but the real test will be will the game be fun and balenced vs a total stranger? That, like the outcome of the Konflict, remains to be seen.

James – The best faction – Germans 

I want K47 to be fun fast and simple that’s it really and given that it was based on bolt action that is probably going to be the case.

Zeus walker

What I hope for is a game where the super toys don’t over take the game. The basic infantry options that the different armies have are lovely models so I want them to be an important and useful option. But conversely I really want the super units to be worth taking,one of the big problems with SoTR was the super units being so over costed in points they never saw the table.

Lastly I’d like to see an overhaul of the vehicle damage rules because it is the weakest element of the game and make them far to much of a gamble to take a big tank but recce transports are no brainers.

Simon – The winning faction – Soviets

I want to see crazy Soviet Technology comrades!   Bear Warriors and Siberian Super Squads sound cool, We get a huge Walker and Ned Kelly esque heavy infantry to boot!   The advent of horrific troops sounds pretty cool and the whole right angle that the world has taken since 1944 seems most interesting (see here for more info: wwpd.net review).


I share James’ concern above.  I’m hoping that a balanced bolt action list will still work in the game, on the flip side, I hope that lists that cause issues in Bolt Action 1.0 don’t ruin the fun of K47.   Having said all of that, with the gaming group that we have, I’m confident we’ll have fun (as long as James and I don’t decide to ruin someone’s hobby.  I’d include Shipman in that, but let’s face it, he’s Shipman.   His Forward Air Observer will probably air strike the crap out of any of his tactical moves!)

Stefan – His Majesty’s choice – Great Britain

I have just seen some reviews from wwpd.net and ABSOLUTELY love the new walkers and tesla gun tanks !



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