Stars and Stripes Forever

I’d like to begin this post by blaming Rick Priestley, as it is all his fault.

I have a serious gamer ADD issue, and I was looking for a sci-fi game, WW2 games were for History nerds who’s main concern was the correct shade of green for a uniform. Sci-fi, nothing else and preferrably Games Workshop, as you know, lots of people to play.

I’d joined the Antares Facebook group frankly out of curiosity and because you know, Rick Priestly wrote it (that is how this is his fault, I’d like to be meaner to him, but he’s so damn nice! it’s like trying to hate the andrex puppy!). Then I won a prize draw. My prize? a Beta Anteres Rulebook and Hansa Niarobi.

Both of them blew my mind.

So after saying now is not the time for a new game, saying that maybe 30k was the way forward I’m now the proud owner of Algoryn and Isorian armies. The way the game flowed, the game logic and equality and the order dice system just clicked with me.

This switched me onto Warlord Games, I knew of them slightly as Si is a history nerd and was pushing Bolt Action and James likes fancy coats so had looked at Napoleonics.

Fast forward slightly, with Warlord on my mind I found myself at Salute 2016 with the two others and Stefan, Si’s mini-me of awesome.

He’s an enthusiastic kid, but somehow like water circling the drain or me circling my credit limit we kept ending up at the warlord booth, in particular looking at the stuff for Konflikt ’47.

I was sold, just sold, loved the walkers, loved the idea and knew the BA rules that were the basis were solid – Si had told me often enough!

And that was it, I was done. In the pub after that night I ordered  my USA starter army and the Bolt Action rulebook.

So that’s how I got here, and again damn you Rick Priestley.

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