For the Motherland!

I suppose I should start with by answering the question, “why Konflikt ’47?”

There’s been lots of Wierd War 2 games released in recent years and most of them have either been too sci-fi or too occult to draw me.   Many of them have folded almost as soon as they were released or the rules behind the figures have been either unwieldy or lacking in balance or fun.

Bolt Action is an established WW2 28mm game which has a really interesting and exciting order dice mechanic,   very easy to play rules and whilst there’s the odd thing that doesn’t quite work as well as I’d like is a very fun game to play.   There’s plenty of tournaments and players locally and in the easily travelled vicinity (within an hour of me), so you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I visited the Warlord Games stand at Salute in April and saw the blurp and miniatures for Konflikt ’47.    A new wierd war 2 game?  Based on a system that I know and enjoy playing?    There’s a well known meme image about people being quiet and taking money in my head still.

I’ll be expanding my current winter Soviet army into the wierd universe of Konflikt ’47.   I chose the Soviet forces for a number of reasons.   From a hobby point it gives me a huge potential to try new weathering and painting techniques and there’s plenty of source material for inspiration.     From the aesthetic point many of the best looking and iconic vehicles of the second world war and late 40s were on the Soviet side and it gives me plenty of fun vehicles to choose from.    Finally from a historical point of view Operation Barbarossa and the following conflict saw some of the most heroic and brutal fighting from the second world war, as a bit of a history nerd the chance to get stuck into this period and area was too good to pass up.

There was one final and compelling reason to select the Russians.   None of my friends who play Bolt Action (and consequently Konflikt ’47) have a Soviet Army.   I’m a big fan of having different armies.   There’s nothing worse than seeing the same figures across the table from you game after game and I will often skew my choice towards an army that I know is unpopular / rare amongst my local gamers to give other people something different to face.

In my next post I’ll be showing what I’ve created thus far, ready for the release of the rule book and some soviet miniatures.    We’ve seen lots of concept art and some mock ups but no new models yet,    Unlike those pesky and lucky Germans and Americans.


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