Das Reich 

This is my introductory post I guess, so why am I starting Konflikt is the place to start!

I’ve been a big fan of the bolt action dice order system but the game never grabbed me, but I loved beyond the gates of Antaries universe and mechanics so when I saw the weird war 2 from warlord I took a look and was sold!
Originally I was going to repurpose my soviets I brought and painted for Secrets of the Third Reich but as much as I love my SoTR soviets the models are chunky monkeys and I didn’t think they would work well with the warlord models, so my thoughts Thurber to the winter German army I got for bolt action
I know I know

However I brought these when I won the monthly warlord raffle earlier this year so I’m going to put them to good use!
I’m going to swap the heads out for these from the SHS system from west wind

I think these will look great on the winter soldiers might have to look at some conversions to make them more winter looking, I haven’t decided yet what style but I might order a pack of each and then make a decision from there.
However this will have to wait a week till I get back off holidays so for now I’m just planning! At least the weekend I get back the book os out and I can start planning my lists!

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